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Sunrise / Sunset Data

Sunrise and Sunset Data
U.S. Cities or Towns

U.S. Cities or Towns




The place name you enter above must be a city or town in the U.S. The place's location will be retrieved from a file with over 22,000 places listed. Either upper- or lower-case letters or a combination can be used. Spell out place name prefixes, as in "East Orange", "Fort Lauderdale", "Mount Vernon", etc. The only exception is "St.", which is entered as an abbreviation with a period, as in "St. Louis". You need only enter as many characters as will unambiguously identify the place. The city or town name may be left blank if the State or Territory is District of Columbia.

NW Hiker.com provides Sunrise and Sunset data directly from the U.S. Naval Observatory:
This form and its data base are provided by the
Astronomical Applications Dept.
U.S. Naval Observatory
3450 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20392-5420
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