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Little Baldy Hike
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Map of the Little Baldy Mountain, Silver Star Mountain Hike

Length: 9.2 Miles round trip
Elevation Change: 1255' Cumulative Elevation gain
Season: Late Spring thru Fall
Difficulty:   Challenging
Permit:   No Pass Requirement

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This hike begins off Forest Road #41. The trail follows an old road for the first couple miles along a ridge line. This entire area was burned severely in what is known as the 1902 Yacolt Burn. Even today you can see the attempts to replant the forest from decades ago.

The area was burned so badly that it has never fully recovered. As you hike along this trail you can plainly see small ridges built to hold moisture and the newly planted trees in an attempt to restore the forest.

After leaving the parking area, the trail climbs gently along a ridge following the old road bed. Views along this stretch of the hike are great. You can see Mt Adams to the northeast, Mt Hood to the southeast, and Mt St Helens to the north. In season this is a very floral hike.

After a couple miles, the road ends and the trail continues. The trail looses some elevation at this point as it works its way over to Bluff Mountain. After crossing the saddle between ridges, the trail climbs steeply along the western side of Bluff Mountain. The views of Little Baldy and Silver Star Mountain are spectacular.

As the trail works its way to the west side of Bluff Mtn, it enters a dense new-growth forest. When it emerges, the trail climbs steeply before leveling off on the south side of Little Baldy Mountain. Here you are treated to views of the Columbia River Valley to the south and Silver Star Mountain directly in front of you to the west.

The trail crosses the southwestern flank of Little Baldy in an open rocky area. When it reaches the ridge line directly west of the mountain, you can scramble to the top of Little Baldy by just following an old trail that is still evident. From the top of the mountain you have outstanding views of all the local Cascade Volcanos - Mt Hood to the southeast, Mt Adams to the northeast, Mt Rainier to the north, and Mt St Helens to the northwest.

Little Baldy Mountain and Silver Star Mountain as seen from the Bluff Mountain trail
Little Baldy Mountain and Silver Star Mountain
How to get there:

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From Battle Ground, WA
Travel north from Battle Ground, WA on SR503 for approximately 5.6 miles to the Lucia Falls Road. Turn right and follow this road for about 8.5 miles east to the Sunset Falls Road. Continue east on the Sunset Falls Road, which will become Forest Road 42, for 7.3 miles where you need to turn right onto Forest Road 41.

Follow FR41 through the Sunset Campground and across the East Fork of the Lewis River. Continue on FR41 for about 3.3 miles and you will come to the intersection of FR4109. FR4109 will take you to Silver Star Mountain, but for this hike, continue on eastward for another 5.6 miles, which will bring you to a wide open ridgeline and the trailhead for Little Baldy Mountain and the eastern approach to Silver Star Mountain.

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