Bear Encounters
Bear Encounters
  • Keep calm and know your options. Your next move can make all the difference. Try to gauge the bearís reaction to you before deciding what to do. A calm bear may only be curious, an agitated, drooling bear may be about to charge.
  • Avoid direct eye contact and speak in a soft, monotone voice. If in a group, stay together. Never turn your back, and never run from a bear, back away slowly.
  • If a bear charges, stand your ground. Bears often "bluff charge" s everal times before leaving.
  • If the bear makes contact, play dead. Curl into a ball or lie flat, covering your neck with your hands and arms. If you have a backpack, leave it on for added protection.
  • If a bear swats you, roll with it. Stay face down, do not move, and do not look or make a sound until you believe it is gone. Many people have survived bear attacks using this method.
  • Shooting a charging bear is very difficult and the bear often lives long enough to maul the shooter. A wounded bear can be very dangerous. Bear pepper spray has been effective in deterring a charging bear.
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