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Minimal Impact Hiking

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  • Leave no litter behind. If you bring it in, take it out. In addition, within reason, pick up and pack out litter that others have left behind.

  • Stay on established trails. Avoid cutting trail switchbacks. Walk in single file when on established trail, but spread out where there is no trail so as not to create one.

  • Protect all vegetation by taking care where you walk. Choose your resting place carefully and if possible do not sit on or place your gear on the vegetation.

  • If there isn't a designated place to go to the bathroom, then be careful to move at least 100 feet from any water source before taking care of business. Be sure to bury any solid human waste or place natural debris over it in a way that it won't likely be disturbed.

  • Be respectful of other trail users by behaving in a way that demonstrates your appreciation for the natural surrounds that all of you have come there to enjoy. Always be in control of your pet. When encountering horses or pack animals, step downhill and use caution.

  • To leave minimal impact on the wildlife and to increase your odds of being able to observe them, conduct yourself in a quiet manner. Even the wearing of appropriate colored clothing can lessen the likelihood of frightening the local critters. Obviously, during hunting season, you ought to wear clothing that stands out and is clearly visible to the two legged predators.

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